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KOM Defender shut down on June 1st 2018.

Strava are changing their API's and it is no longer be possible for me to access the data I need to analyze leaderboards.
I'd like to thank all the users that have made use of the app since it started back in 2014. In the last 4 years the site has:

  • analyzed over 25 million segment efforts
  • made over 100 million calls to the Strava API
  • sent hundreds of thousands of emailed reports
  • accepted nearly 100 thousand votes

  • and most importantly - helped identify and clean up tens of thousands of non-deserving KOM's.

    KOM Defender was a free application designed to identify and help remove suspect Strava leaderboard entries. It works for both riding and running activities.

    You know the ones - Someone forgets to turn off their Garmin at the end of the ride, throws the bike on top of the car and speeds home, claiming all the Strava KOM's on the way. Or, they go for a ride and mark it as a run activity on Strava.

    KOM Defender reviews your rides and runs each week, and checks the top positions on the leaderboard of each of the segments you have covered. If it finds a suspect entry, it includes it in your weekly email summary and gives you a chance to flag it.